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January 2nd 2012

This morning my family, my boyfriend, and I all went to the winter club. We went bowling and swimming.
When ever we have these family get togethers, we always do the swimming first, so I didn’t get ready or take a shower cause I though that I would be doing that there… But no, we went bowling first. I well, I tied for first, which I guess isn’t the best thing considering its bowling… Haha just kidding.
After the club, we went to my nanas house for lunch and we had hot dogs and cookies and such. After that we went skating. Preston hates skating! Or so he thought. Now he wants to go again :) that makes me happy, cause he didn’t like it and now he does :p
After skating we went to my moms and I was supposed to go to my step moms house tonight, but that didn’t work out so me and Preston went out for dinner at Boston Pizza. I had a cezar salad, and he had a burger and laughed at me. I’m not usually the kid of girl to just get a salad, but what can I say, I wasn’t that hungry.
After dinner we drove around bowness for a bit cause I didn’t have to be home for like 20 minutes. He did something to his car and started freaking out and spent that 20 minutes figuring out if everything was on or not, but it all turned out to be fine.
I got home, did some studying, wrapped up my Christmas ornaments and put them all away, and now I’m typing. I have to go take out the recycling then go to bed… Night :)

January 1st 2012

Great day, I slept all day and ate chips and candy and such. My family got back into town at 5ish so i woke up when they got home. But ya, like I said, great way to start out the new years. Got to spend time with my besties and it was absolutely amazing

<3 <3 <3 Night :)

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